Are you planning to rent casino equipment for a party, corporate event, or any other celebration coming up in Atlanta?

Casino rental is a great idea for a fun party. If this is your first time looking into this, you might be looking for more information on the topic.

You may have questions like, “How does it work?” or “What can I expect at one of these parties?”

As casino rental parties are a pretty new idea, you’re not alone in these questions. Sifi is here to give answers!

We even have the lesser-known information that self-proclaimed casino party pro’s might want to know—the ‘secrets’ of casino rental party planning…

We’ve combined for you here the top five most unknown secrets of Atlanta casino rental parties with some explanations of the basics, too!

1. We’ll start with the foundational stuff. With casino rental parties, the company brings game tables, dealers, and all necessary equipment to your venue of choice.

At Sifi Ent, we also bring Las Vegas show girls!

Guests can have fun taking pictures with the friendly, professional, and interactive girls throughout the party.

The games we provide are Roulette, Craps, Blackjack, and Poker. Each game has its own set of rules, but fear not if you’re a beginner—our dealers will guide you through whenever needed.

The beauty of the lower level of seriousness (due to the inability to bet actual money here in Atlanta) is that it’s a great chance for beginners to learn how to play.

Less seriousness equals people taking themselves less seriously, which equals fun!

2. For the more serious players who may get bored or lose motivation with the lack of money-betting, a good incentive could be to create a prize system for the winners of each game.

When the winner cashes in their chips, they’ll receive something other than cash, pre-chosen by the party planners.

The party could also be set up like a tournament. The winners of each game could play each other until there’s only one winner, or three, etcetera.

This way, there can be some tables where beginners can go and feel comfortable and at ease, while still having a table for the more competitive party guests.

3. The friendlier the dealers, the less overwhelmed and intimidated the ‘inexperienced’ guests will be. The staff you hire can make all the difference in your party.

You should make sure the company you hire for your casino party is equally as professional as they are friendly.

The combination of both qualities will provide an amazing experience for everyone in attendance.

Therefore, be selective with your choice of party-bringers!

4. Another good idea for prize giveaways is to do a raffle instead of giving away prizes to the biggest winner, or the biggest three winners.

Why? When guests know the person with the most chips by the end of the night receives a prize, sometimes people will pool together their money.

One person might be able to get a big pile of chips from their friends. Seeing this early on in the night can discourage beginner players from wanting to interact in the games.

Therefore, doing a fair raffle draw might be a better option, especially if you have lots of newbies in the group of attendees.

Knowing everyone has an equal chance won’t deter guests from wanting to play.

5. What if your guests run out of ‘money’ or chips to bet?

This is handled differently among clients, and just depends on your preference. Some prefer to keep everything very fair and realistic, not allowing guests to get more chips.

Others like keeping things light and open, allowing our dealers to hand out more chips whenever a guest loses all of what was initially given.

Another option is that the crew can hand the event organizer a stack of chips to hand out at their discretion. This way, chip distribution can be liberal, yet monitored.

You can also have some kind of light-hearted repercussions for whoever uses the most chips by the end of the night.

Hopefully now, you have a good overall understanding of how casino rental parties work, and maybe some more detailed knowledge, too.

Any newbie readers out there should feel a little more confident, and the pro’s will have hopefully learned something new.

With these five casino secrets, we hope you’ll start planning an amazing casino rental party soon!

We might hold it against you if we don’t get an invite, by the way…

Remember Sifi Ent for an unforgettable night at the casino in Atlanta, Georgia!