Looking for ideas to make your Atlanta casino party even more unique? Choosing your theme is a great start—casino rental parties are becoming more and more popular ways to celebrate, unwind and have some fun.

The thing is, you’ll still want to add some flavor to your party—give it an edge. What will make it stand out from other casino parties in Atlanta?

SiFi is here to help! We’ve even done the brainstorming for you. Although our amazing staff provides a completely unique experience with each party we attend, we’ve put together five party ideas to give your event that extra kick.


1. Giving your casino-themed party more of a purpose is a great idea.

Sure, it may be Janet’s birthday, the day representing the beginning of her life and its continuation every year since, but what else?

Tell Janet to stop being so selfish and make the party into a fundraiser, for goodness’ sake.

She can choose a cause she’s passionate for, or if birthday girl doesn’t know about her party yet, you can pick one for her.

Maybe do some digging…what does Janet care about? Animals, homeless people—you get the idea.

She’ll appreciate the extra meaning behind the celebration of her big day. After all, even Facebook is pushing us to have stronger moral fiber every year. We can’t ignore that!

Or, if you’re really selfish, you can always make the fundraiser for covering the costs of the party! (We’re kidding, this is perfectly normal and people do it all the time)

Things can get expensive, we know.


2. Add incentive to your casino rental party by adding prizes into the mix! People will love the extra competitive edge, especially since you can’t legally bet actual money gambling in Atlanta.

Because of this, some people get bored of the casino theme pretty quick, especially people who are used to playing with money.

Having prizes awaiting top players will raise the heat a little. People certainly won’t lose interest that way!



3. Make sure you have a DJ. This might seem like an obvious one, but you’d be surprised how many people plan to put their iPhone playlists on shuffle and call it a day.

Never stiff people on the music! Music is what creates the whole ambience, mood, vibes, or whatever you choose to call it.

Even if it seems like your party attendees aren’t paying attention to the music in the background, trust us, they hear it.

The music, even subconsciously, is telling party-goers how to feel about the event. They’ll remember this feeling long after the party is over, too. The music always matters.



4. Tell people to dress the part. Create an even more specific theme. It could be straightforward—“A Night in Vegas,” “Weekend at the Casino,” or something more obscure like “20’s Theme Party.”

Get as creative as you want and make it a fun way for people to look forward to the party even more.

Giving people a reason to have fun with dressing up and shifting the focus can alleviate a little social anxiety, too.

And yes, it’s okay if you steal our party theme ideas. We’re here for you.



5. A random, but fun idea that people will always love is to bring a Polaroid camera to the party.

Have it set up on a table labeled “photo booth” and maybe have an actual booth there where people can sit and take polaroid selfies together.

Or, you can have a person standing there to take pictures for people. (If you’re feeling fancy).

People love having an immediate, tangible memory in their hands. Polaroids represent a beloved pastime, so your party guests will go crazy over this little addition!

Don’t have a Polaroid camera on hand? Ask around. You’d be surprised who you know that might have one of them lying around.

We know, we have great ideas. And yes—you can borrow this one, too.

We hope these ideas have inspired you, or at least given you some brainstorming power for your own special Atlanta casino rental party.

Whether you’re planning to rent casino equipment for someone’s birthday, a corporate party, or anything in-between, it’s always a good idea to make the party more unique.

Casino-themed parties are becoming more and more popular. Make sure to set up your party to stand out from the rest.

This way, guests will have fun and fond memories from your casino party that will last in the long run!